New Website and an Update

Just an update on recent activities. #writing #gaming #LegoDimensions #NaNoWriMo #750Words

Fighting Creative Drain

It’s been ridiculously difficult for me to post anything lately.  I wake up in the morning with barely enough time to get to work, I have no drive to try to start any post on my lunch, and by the time I get home I’m so tired and my head is so noisy that any… Continue reading Fighting Creative Drain

Reading Deprivation Week – Wrap Up

I thought I would recap how my week went with the reading deprivation, which I’ve taken to calling “input deprivation” instead, given that’s more to the point.  Overall, I would call it a success, though I admit I was unable to eliminate all input entirely.  I enjoyed the experience almost as much as I hated… Continue reading Reading Deprivation Week – Wrap Up