Happy Birthday, Dad

Last year I wrote a post about my mom for Mother’s day and I did so with a bit of worry as to how my dad might feel if I didn’t also honor him on Father’s day.  Sure enough, I didn’t end up posting anything about him.  Being the loving father that he is, he… Continue reading Happy Birthday, Dad

Move Review: Minions

Beau and I went to go see the Minions movie yesterday.  We’re both fans of Despicable Me, and all of the previews made the Minion movie look pretty funny, so I went in there assuming that I would have lots of laughs and leave with a feeling of warm squishy adorableness.  I was not disappointed!… Continue reading Move Review: Minions

Farewells and Synchronicity

On Monday, my boyfriend’s nephew, Everett, passed away in his sleep.  He was born mentally and physically handicapped and fought against impossible odds to live as long as he did.  They were told he wouldn’t live past two weeks. He was 11. I had the sad privilege of attending his funeral today, and it was an… Continue reading Farewells and Synchronicity