Salute to a Soldier

There are a lot of opinions about the military.  Hate them, love them, respect them. Why put so much money into them? Why are we fighting battles that aren’t ours? Why aren’t we doing more to aid countries that need assistance?  My own opinions have always been a little indifferent.  All my thoughts surrounding the… Continue reading Salute to a Soldier

Farewells and Synchronicity

On Monday, my boyfriend’s nephew, Everett, passed away in his sleep.  He was born mentally and physically handicapped and fought against impossible odds to live as long as he did.  They were told he wouldn’t live past two weeks. He was 11. I had the sad privilege of attending his funeral today, and it was an… Continue reading Farewells and Synchronicity

Reading Deprivation Week – Wrap Up

I thought I would recap how my week went with the reading deprivation, which I’ve taken to calling “input deprivation” instead, given that’s more to the point.  Overall, I would call it a success, though I admit I was unable to eliminate all input entirely.  I enjoyed the experience almost as much as I hated… Continue reading Reading Deprivation Week – Wrap Up