Book Review: Everyday Sexism, by Laura Bates

When I picked this book off the shelf I knew it was going to be the most important read of the year for me, and I wasn’t disappointed. My thoughts below are what came out of reading Everyday Sexism, and the only thing I would have to say that would be anything close to ‘bad’… Continue reading Book Review: Everyday Sexism, by Laura Bates

Movie Review – Beauty and the Beast

I was finally able to get myself to see the live action rendition of Beauty and the Beast a couple weekends ago. I’m not even sure where to begin with my review. First, I got to see it with two good work friends, which made it a very enjoyable experience all its own. As I… Continue reading Movie Review – Beauty and the Beast

Book Review – Big Little Lies

This weekend I finished reading the book Big Little Lies by Liane Moriarty (click on the title for the link to Amazon).  I’m left a little without words to describe it.  It was a very well written book that touched on so many things.  The biggest theme, though, was violence against women.  I don’t usually… Continue reading Book Review – Big Little Lies

Jumbled Word Salad – Books, Religion and Politics?!

I feel like I’ve got a lot on my mind today.  Enough that I’m not sure what topic to settle on and so I may end up doing that thing I’m good at, which is just throwing word salad at the screen and seeing what happens.  Hopefully I can at least make it somewhat organized… Continue reading Jumbled Word Salad – Books, Religion and Politics?!

Move Review: Minions

Beau and I went to go see the Minions movie yesterday.  We’re both fans of Despicable Me, and all of the previews made the Minion movie look pretty funny, so I went in there assuming that I would have lots of laughs and leave with a feeling of warm squishy adorableness.  I was not disappointed!… Continue reading Move Review: Minions

Eating Frogs–Part 2

A few days ago I posted about the book I’m reading, Eat That Frog!  Mostly, I’ve decided I like it because there are always little bits and pieces of these self-help books that you can take with you, but there are times that I catch myself reading it with an extremely skeptical eye.  Actually, maybe… Continue reading Eating Frogs–Part 2