The Mother

She remembers a time when she was young and beautiful. Her body moved with grace and everything felt fresh and new. Things were much easier then. Now she is full of things that she’d never dreamed existed and they slow her down, make her feel tired and sluggish. She hadn’t smoked in her youth, but now she was smoking all the time; large billows of gray and white and black filling her, clouding the air she breathes. Where once her body was smooth and lush now she is cracked with lines and paths along her surface. Age is such a cruel thing.

More than the smoking and the roads, though, it is the garbage that hurts her the most. The things that people throw into her body and just leave there. Don’t they know how long it takes Styrofoam to break down? So often she watches in vain, unable to help as the children of her body fall ill. Animals eating batteries, pieces of plastic, getting stuck or injured due to carelessness. She watches, remembering a time when she provided and her children were so grateful for her kindness and wonders where she went wrong that they do not thank her anymore. Is this the ‘teenager’ phase that she hears whispers of? Perhaps when they were older they would care more.

Still, she wishes they would learn soon because it was starting to hurt. She gets more and more burned by the sun as each year goes by and though she isn’t worried about cancer, she’s worried that she will become ill and that it will affect her children. Yet she stands strong and provides. She will provide until she can provide no longer, for that is what she does. She is the Mother.

She is the Earth.


A/N: I wrote this after experiencing some feelings of frustration that there’s so much garbage on the ground in my neighborhood.  Every day I take my dog on a walk it’s a battle with him to make sure he doesn’t try to eat everything on the ground (especially since he is a puppy and extremely obstinate).  I wasn’t sure where to take it, I only knew that I wanted to write about it somehow and this was the end result.  I figure with today being Earth Day there’s no better time to post.


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