Finding My Religion

Several years ago I decided I was going to more seriously study Paganism.  The idea of it has always appealed to me as a religion.  I went to the local book store and bought a book about it and I don’t remember how much I read of it, but what I did read I enjoyed.  Eventually I just stopped reading it and never went back to it.  Now that I’m older and more secure it what types of ideals I have I’m trying again.

A few months ago there was a small call in the back of my mind saying, you should study again and find out more.  It wasn’t a priority at the time, but the little voice has grown and I feel the urge to ‘find myself’ as it were.  Or perhaps it’s less about finding myself and more about finding something that centers me.

I still know very little (hence, the studying thing), but what I do know I really like.  I like that it’s Earth-centered, that the main principle is interconnectedness and blessedness.  Meaning, all parts of the earth and universe – from each little atom and beyond – are connected on a deep level, and that there is nothing fundamentally wrong with anyone or anything (as other religions tend to teach).

I also like how open it is.  Paganism, like Christianity, covers all kinds of different religions and a Pagan can choose what parts of several types of religions fit them best.  It’s not dependent on gatherings, but can have gatherings.  It can have rituals or not.

I think, really, I’m just looking for something to provide more structure and centeredness in my life during a time of such craziness and turmoil and I’m excited for the journey this is going to lead me on and looking forward to sharing it as I learn more.

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