Ode to Sally Yates

I imagine you, Ms. Yates, sitting in your office

staring down at papers issued forth from hate.

I imagine the thoughts in your head, the turmoil

as you wonder what to do, knowing that to do anything less

than defend the rights of the underserved would be an injustice;

knowing that to do what you know is right is surely to lose your job.

I see you, your face grim, your lips set.

I can feel your anger as you write the words that seal your fate,

The flutter in your heart as you send the memo.

Fight, you think.  Please, fight, or what are we here for?

I imagine you, Ms. Yates, in your suit, heels clicking on the ground as you walk –

a staccato march of justice.

A hero as surely as any with cape and mask.

A vanguard of peace and equality.

A symbol.

A woman.

I see you, Ms. Yates, and I hear you

and I will not let you down.

Thank you.



Author’s Note: I don’t usually get too overly political because I feel like I never really know enough to speak to it.  I try to keep a balanced view of things, but today’s political climate is full of confusion, frustration, anger and fear.  I feel all of these things and more and I know others do as well.  This story has particular resonance with me because it’s indicative of the way things are going to be.  I feel it says a lot, and I feel it strongly.  That said, I want to always respect others’ opinions even when I don’t agree with them.  This is just a reminder that if you are to have dialogue on this page, it needs to remain productive and kind, or your comments will be deleted.  And remember – tone does not come through well when you’re responding online, so if it’s necessary simply type out the tone you mean to use-it’ll help.  Or start with a feeling.  Thank you, as always, for taking the time to read.

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