Onion & Jax

I have started some doodles and I’m hoping to keep up on it enough that I can do one post a week.  I haven’t been doing a lot of writing lately, but I’m still creating in one way or another.  Sometimes that creation is only via landscaping (a way of tricking myself that I’m not doing yard work), but that’s okay.  Anyway, I want to have a weekly comic strip, because it seems fun and doodling is engaging as well as relaxing.  I created a new blog for the strip so that it can have its own address but plan to cross post here.  So…if you like amateur drawings and bad puns, I suppose check out the picture below. I hope to have a blog post of more substance sometime in the near future.  I’ve got several drafts that just aren’t finished yet.

Back on track – you can visit Onion & Jax at their home page: onionandjax.blogspot.com.


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