Message in a Bottle

2016-04-16-05.41.28.jpg.jpgThe other day I went to the book store with a couple of friends.  (Yes, book stores still exist and I assure you are quite worth the trip even when you walk away empty-handed. I highly encourage you visit one.)  Just before we left one of my companions pointed out a book/journal of 500 Writing Prompts.  It was on sale for a decent price and I often struggle with what to write about so I immediately snatched it up and took it to the register.

Yesterday morning as I was struggling I pulled the book out and opened to the first page, which prompted me with the question of what I would put as a message in a bottle if I were to go to the beach.  Also, who would I want to find it?  Ooh, fun, I thought.  I pulled out my trusty mechanical pencil and pondered.

Well, the first decision was not what to write in this message, but who the intended audience was.  That answer came easily.  Anyone.  More specifically, anyone that happens to really need it.  So, in this perfect world someone who is really needing a pick me up might find my bottle and open it.  The goal is to send them a message of uplifting content, then.  One of encouragement.  I then specified that it should be a simple message.  When we read something we put in our own interpretations and experiences with it, so the simpler this message is the more the reader will be able to interpret their own meaning with it.

Now to decide what to actually write.  That was entirely too difficult.  I couldn’t just settle for one message, so I wrote a bunch of them.  In this scenario I’m guessing I had just as many bottles as I wanted/needed so I could afford do this.  I filled the page with messages:

“Stay determined.”  (Undertale reference)

“Whatever your struggles – you will come out stronger for them.”

“Don’t listen to the ugliness of someone else’s soul – you are beautiful.”

“Keep trying!”

“Remember your story and celebrate it.  No one else will get to understand it the way you do.”

“The sun will rise again – keep going.”

Okay, so maybe not all of them are exactly simple, but it got me thinking.  How fun would it be to put little “messages in a bottle” out there?  Well, I’m an hour away from the coast and I’m not a fan of littering, so maybe not literal messages in a bottle.  I do have a Twitter account, though, and it might be fun to put them out there.  Little one-a-days.  Or little however-often-I-remember-to-post-a-days.

So, if you’re not already following me on Twitter, check me out.  I’m @Dame_Yana.  I want to start this with a hashtag of MsgIAB, and I heavily encourage you to put your own messages out there.  I bet it’ll make someone’s day.

What’s your message in a bottle today?

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