The Future is Let’s Play?!

If you had asked me a year ago what my dream of the future looked like, I would have answered “published author, hopefully working part time or not needing to work anywhere at all.”  This was part of a five year plan that I hoped would become a reality.   I think that this is a reasonable goal and dream to have – and it’s still my dream, however things have taken a sudden hard left in the vision part.  Becoming a published author is now tacked on to also being a “YouTuber.”

Currently my friend Kiesha and I are working extremely hard to put together a Let’s Play channel.  What’s a Let’s Play, you ask?  Great question!  A Let’s Play is a video of someone playing a video game that has been posted to something like YouTube or streamed live.  They can be a tutorial of sorts for anyone that might be stuck on a game they happen to be playing, or they can be posted merely for entertainment value.

The process has been both exciting and stressful, though any anxiety I feel around it is the good kind of anxiety.  A year ago this was something I thought would be cool but that seemed impossible.  As little as four weeks ago it was something I was seriously considering doing, but that still seemed like it was a year or so down the line.  Last week we started to put small things in motion to help motivate us to get it going: creating a name, creating icons, emails, Twitter accounts.  Great. The only thing left to do is buy the $400 some odd dollars of equipment and we’d be good to go.  So, probably a few months down the line.

Then we got a message from one of Kiesha’s friends that he could help us with equipment and editing needs and suddenly we’re on the ground running.  Recording will be happening as soon as next week and my head is spinning with it.  I’m so excited to have fun doing what Kiesha and I already do anyway – goof around while playing video games.  And I find it a lot easier to make less excuses that allow me to back out in fear of failure when I have someone else involved in the endeavor with me.

I’d be lying if I said I didn’t want our channel to get popular, but I also think the real excitement lies in how fun it’s going to be.  My biggest hope is that other people will get enjoyment out of it, too.  Of all the people in the world, there are bound to be some that have the same sense of humor we do.

So here’s to a new vision of the future, new exciting adventures, new friendships and games!


What are your expectations of your future?  Have you ever had it suddenly derailed into a path you hadn’t considered before?  How did you approach it?

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