I Miss My Blog


I miss having ideas and being able to sit down every morning with thoughts tumbling through my brain that are eager to get out to other people.  I haven’t written in my blog for over three months and even now I don’t feel like I have much to say anymore.  It’s not that I’m not doing things.  I’m doing all sorts of things.  I was reading pretty heavily for a while there, so I could review a couple of the books I’ve read.  I can write my review of a hotel I stayed at, of the convention I just got back from.  I could write about my Cosplay progress.  My thoughts on becoming a potential YouTube Let’s Player.  Any of the video games I’ve been playing.

Now that I think about it (or more accurately, now that I have stream-of-conscious written it out), I seem to have quite a lot I could potentially say.  I’ve just been so tired in the mornings that stringing thoughts together has seemed like such a daunting task (excuse).  I seem to have forgotten that the only way to write is to do just that.  I always seem to get stuck in that, “I don’t know what to write” phase.  And then that turns into, “Nothing I have to say is important” phase.

So what if only one out of every ten or fifteen thoughts I have is actually going to resonate with someone?  And so what if it’s only one person out of 100 that it resonates with!  That was the point.  That was the reason I got into this to begin with.  That, and writing for myself, which I haven’t done in far too long.  I have done myself an injustice to let the downward part of the circle get to me and convince me that I have nothing to say.  I know that I am not the only writer that struggles with this.  Because of that, I’m feeling quite a bit more motivated today.  Let’s see what the next few days will bring.  I may not post on my blog every day (once upon a time, once a week was my only goal), but I can at least write a little bit every day.

Things are happening every day and just because they’re little things does not mean I can’t or shouldn’t talk about them. So, here’s to those that are in the same boat! We can do it!

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