New Website and an Update

I haven’t been posting quite as much lately.  Partly because I’ve been pretty sick over the last two weeks and then also because I found a website that has been eating up some of my time.  It’s called It takes the idea of the morning pages from The Artist’s Way and makes it electronic.  It also has quite a few cool graphs and statistics about your writing, which I like to look at.  Basically, you want to write 750 words every day (or three pages of free hand, if you do it the old fashioned way) to help get your thoughts out.  It can be about any old thing that crosses your mind – laundry lists, worries, fears, things you’re looking forward to, story ideas.  Basically you just want to get everything out of your mind so that it can be a new canvas for the day. And it’s all private unless you change your settings to be public. They have little badges you can work toward (which helps me because I love collecting things) to make it a little more interesting.   The only downfall I would note is that after your first 30 days you have to pay a monthly subscription fee.  I’m not sure how I feel about that, so I’m taking my 30 days to see just how much use I get out of it and how much I want to keep it.  Really the only things that make it better than writing free hand are that I can type faster than I can write, and the statistics.  So, I suppose we’ll see if I find it worth it.  This morning I used it to help me brainstorm for the plot of my NaNoWriMo novel.

Speaking of NaNoWriMo, every time I look at the calendar I feel this giant clock ticking in my head.  Almost as though it’s mocking me for not being more prepared.  It definitely gives me a slight feeling of panic, but then I have to stand back and remind myself that it doesn’t necessarily matter if I don’t have everything (or even anything) outlined or thought of just yet.  So many times things end up developing as I’m writing them and I’m caught by surprise by the development.  And anyway the whole process is supposed to be fun, so even if I don’t have everything perfect as long as I keep spending time on it after it’s done, then all should work out just fine.

Having been sick, I’ve been spending a lot of time playing the Lego Dimensions game, which I have thoroughly enjoyed.  I’ve already beat the main story and now I need to go back and play through with new characters and get whatever level packs interest me if I want to be playing new levels (of course I do!).  Overall, it’s kind of a big money sink, but I find it worth it for the entertainment value.  I’ve been a fan of a the Lego games for a few years and I enjoy that I actually get to build Lego figures that I can then keep on my figure shelf.  It’s pretty cool.

10 more days of planning left and then it’s write, write, write.  The month of November may not see me updating my blog very often. Unless I end up wanting to procrastinate.  Anyone else planning on taking the dive into NaNo?  Share in the comments!

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