How Do You Define Yourself ? #Compassion #Peace #Humanity

Source: How Do You Define Yourself ? #Compassion #Peace #Humanity

The link above is a blog on WordPress that I follow.  I often find that the things she writes resonate with me and I like that the author asks questions of the reader at the end to provoke thought and discussion.  Please go check her out.

In this post she asks, at the end, whether or not the reader has hope for humanity.  I have to say that I do have hope.  Despite all the bad things that are out there, all the negative words we keep hearing, all the hate that can still be spewed, I know that there is just as much good happening.  The problem is that the good is so rarely reported.  And the good is often a culmination of so many small things that it’s difficult to see the big picture when it comes to the positive parts of life.

Local food banks and shelters; people donating their time, money, goods to causes that need them; strangers paying things forward; people that work in jobs that relentlessly defend the needy, the under-represented, the poor.  It’s happening every day, all around. We just don’t see or hear it.  And even more, a smile.

Smiles can heal people in ways that a person can never know.  Maybe that’s a bit of a “Saturday morning PBS special” way of looking at it, but I dare you to try it.  The next time you hear the string of words this author wrote about in her piece, I dare you to just smile.  And keep smiling.  Smile, because it can make you feel better.  Smile at the people who aren’t smiling, because they travel and touch the hearts of others.

If that isn’t hope, I don’t know what is.