Jumbled Word Salad – Books, Religion and Politics?!

I feel like I’ve got a lot on my mind today.  Enough that I’m not sure what topic to settle on and so I may end up doing that thing I’m good at, which is just throwing word salad at the screen and seeing what happens.  Hopefully I can at least make it somewhat organized so it’s not a painful read.

I suppose the first thing on my mind is that I was able to sleep a lot better last night.  I think I solved my problem, which was just to leave a light on out in the living room/kitchen area.  In fact, the light above the stove makes it just light enough that I can see out into the hallway when I wake up.  The simple solution would be to shut the door and I’d probably sleep through the night, except Shadow (my cat) will have none of that and he’d end up waking me up anyway just trying to get in.  So for now, light in the kitchen it is!

The next thing I considered writing about was the most recent book I read.  It’s called Bloodsucking Fiends: A Love Story by Christopher Moore.  I loved it!  He’s got a great humor that fits in with my sense of humor.  It’s written with the kind of humor that’s usually present in a first person perspective, but he managed to do it better with third person.  It’s basically all about this young woman, Jody, that gets attacked one night and turned into a vampire, which she quickly realizes when she has all these strange new abilities.  This makes life difficult, however, because she can’t go around in the day anymore.  Insert Tommy, a young writer that moved to San Francisco to do the starving artist thing, and you’ve got the perfect duo.  Tommy is sweet and vulnerable and falls hard and fast for the red hot vampire woman that has suddenly entered his life.  Except the one that attacked Jody is leaving bodies all over the city and now the cops are involved.

What I liked the most is that Christopher Moore’s characters were pretty dynamic.  From a homeless man on the streets known as The Emperor to the two detectives that are trying to figure out the string of homicides.  The secondary characters are just as fun to read about as the main characters, and I think that’s the sign of a great book.  And it certainly doesn’t hurt that one of the two cops is a big, burly (and surly) gay man.  I very much appreciated Moore’s balance and that his characters were believable and all around human – even the vampire!  I definitely recommend it.  You can check it out on Amazon here.

The other thing on my mind this morning is Pope Francis’ visit to the states.  I got to watch part of it on the TV yesterday morning.  All the pomp and ceremony seemed boring as hell to have to sit through, even though I kind of appreciated it a little from here (it’s easy to get chores done during the boring parts).  I had to leave for work about half way through the President’s speech, so I didn’t get to hear or see if the Pope said anything, though.  Now, I’m not Catholic.  I don’t actually consider myself as subscribing to any religion, but I thought that the fact that the Pope was here visiting was just really cool.  In fact, it tugged at my feels pretty strongly and I could feel myself getting a little teary for reasons I can’t really understand.  I think just because I’m pretty sentimental and it was a pretty huge event.  Or maybe it’s because even though I don’t consider myself religious, I do consider myself spiritual and the Pope is a sort of conduit of spirituality.  I feel about his visit the same way I feel when I see a particularly beautiful sunrise.   Then, this morning I read a brief article that was basically about the Pope having snubbed our politicians in order to feed the homeless.  Good for him.  Those are the kinds of things religious leaders should do, and even more the things that our politicians and leaders should be doing.  Give me someone that speaks with their actions instead of their words.

I have some thoughts on Donald Trump and that hot mess, too, but I don’t know that I can properly articulate them.  Mostly I just wish that as a nation we could collectively ignore him.  I remember as a kid that when I would come home and tell my parents about someone being a bully they would tell me to ignore him.  Just ignore them.  It was very difficult to do, but now that I’m older…no, it’s still a difficult thing to do.  But think about it!  Have you ever been ignored by someone when you’re trying to get their attention? I’m sure you have – I certainly have.  It’s infuriating!  Imagine the power we could have if we could just collectively ignore people like Trump.  What could silence/hurt someone more than having the full blown effect of hundreds, thousands of people collectively turning their backs on you?  Silence is a powerful tool.  Cut the media coverage.  Don’t go to see the freak show.  Or, go and put tape over your mouths and as soon as he starts talking, literally turn your backs and just stand and stare the opposite direction.

Maybe it’s all cinematic and fanciful in my mind, but I can’t help but just wish I could somehow rally people to band together in silence.  The media gets ratings by airing his garbage, so unfortunately they’ll never stop. But wouldn’t it be great if just one news show did?  Just one that took a stand and said, “No. We’re done with this.  It might be somewhat hilarious to listen to his hair-brained ideas, but we’re done perpetuating this endless stream of hateful garbage.”  Just one.  And then other news stations will cover that news station instead.  “You heard it first on Fox that NBC is no longer covering anything on Trump.  In a press release given earlier today…”  And then the next news station decides to follow the example. And the next, and so on, until suddenly he’s preaching at nothing but crickets and tumbleweeds.

Again, a bit cinematic and fanciful when I think about it and I see it written out here.  The chances are small and the world does not go the way I think it should.  Why else do I write if not to create the world I want?  Still, it would be nice.

I suppose that’s it for my thoughts for the day.  A bit jumbled and chaotic, but when are thoughts ever clear and concise?  If you’re still here after all of that, thank you for reading!

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