Kumoricon Weekend Wrap Up

After almost a week of not writing every day, I’m looking forward to getting back into the swing of things.  I left work a couple hours early last Thursday to drive up to Vancouver, Washington so that I could attend Kumoricon, one of the two annual anime conventions that I go to.  Four days of crazy energy and fun times.

It’s always fun watching the teenagers and the younger adults enjoying themselves.  The energy levels are always very high, and the carefree attitude can be uplifting when they’re not getting too over-excited.  I got to spend time with all of my friend, and I enjoyed the panels I went to. The farmer’s market food was great. Starbucks coffee!  And the recap of the con at closing ceremonies was heartwarming to watch.

This year’s weather was a lot colder than previous years, so it was a bit miserable at times.  Even though I looked ahead, I wasn’t expecting it to be so chilly and I packed costumes that were mostly for warmer weather, so I didn’t actually get to wear them.  I suppose I could have, but I’m the kind of person that gets cold in a sweater, so I decided not to subject myself to the torture this time.  It would have been different if I had bothered to make a new cosplay for the event.  I did, however, actually brave the cold for the one outfit I had been working on, which was just a thrown together costume for an original character that is now brewing in the back of my head for future use.

On day 2, I attended a writing panel that was all about breaking writer’s block.  Everyone got six pages of paper and a pen and the panel facilitator led several different bursts of writing through prompts (and sometimes no prompts).  We would write anywhere from 1 to 20 minutes, and I absolutely loved it.  I was able to get three ideas for stories that can now start to percolate in the back of my mind.  I have what I want to focus on for NaNoWriMo, which I’ve been worried about trying to come up with a plot for.  Of the panels I attended, this one was definitely my favorite.

I also went to the traditional Japanese dancing panel.  Everyone that attended got in two large circles and we learned how to do 6 dances, which were very fun and also pretty challenging.  I’m not always the most coordinated of people.

I got to spend the bulk of my time with my friends, which makes me happy as I don’t get to see them as often as I like now that we live so far away.  And even though I really didn’t feel well physically half of the time, it was still a wonderful time with lots of laughter.  The final night, two of my friends and I went to the game room and decided to entertain ourselves with a board game.  We selected Boggle, because it was easy and also easy to quit if we got bored.  We ended up playing a couple of rounds the way you’re supposed to, and then we made up an entirely different game to go with it instead, which I think may have been my favorite take away from the entire weekend.

The game goes like this:

  1. You shake up the Boggle letters like you always would and then set it down.
  2. Player one has to make a word that does not already exist using only letters that connect (the same way words are made in the original).
  3. Player one then selects a person in the group to define what this made up word is.
  4. After the word is defined, player one assigns an arbitrary number of points based on how much they enjoyed the definition of the word (think Whose Line is it Anyway).
  5. The player that defined the word now has to make up a word and select someone else to define it, and so it goes until you decide to stop.

It was not only extremely fun and creative, but it was often extremely hilarious.  I left the game room with throat and stomach sore from laughing too hard.  I definitely recommend playing it if you ever get a chance.

We’ve already got plans starting for the next convention, so it should be exciting to see what comes of that.  I’m hoping to have at least one new costume for the next one, too, so there will likely be posts about that in months to come.  In the meantime, I have a character and some plots to flesh out!

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