Monday Morning Thoughts

My mind feels busy today, but as I attempt to write this morning, it’s as if it goes blank.  I think the problem is that I have so much going on in my head that I don’t know where to settle, so just a fair warning that this blog update may seem a bit jumbled and rambly.

This week is going to be a busy one.  After work today I go to the rental management company to turn in my 30 days notice.  September is my last month in this apartment!  I’m very much looking forward to getting out of apartment living again.  Not as much looking forward to the hauling, moving, organizing, boxing part of everything. More than all that, though, I’m looking forward to starting a new chapter of my adventure with the love of my life.

Then tomorrow we have big announcements happening at work that I already expect and know about, but that is huge enough that it’s nearly impossible not to be a little nervous.  It’s an anticipatory kind of nervousness, but still enough to add onto the stress.  We’re currently in the middle of a merger, so there’s a lot of uncertainty surrounding pretty much everything.  It’s actually been a very helpful lesson in managing my anxieties of the unknown.  I feel that, as the months have gone on (we learned about it in January), I’ve learned to be able to communicate my anxieties in an appropriate way, and I’ve also learned to channel them in ways that are less harmful to me.  I wish I could chronicle how I managed that so that I could actually provide some helpful tips, but in this case I think it was just mind over matter.  I basically reached a point where I realized that worrying about what would be long before it actually was to be is useless.  Even in periods of “darkness” in my life, things have always had a way of clicking back into place.  This is not something that would be any different.

On Thursday after work I leave for Kumoricon.  This one, at least, is only a couple hours away, so my time won’t be taken up with excessive amounts of driving.  I’m thrilled about con because I haven’t seen my closest friends since April and it’s long, long overdue.  I have to say, though, that seeing my friends is really the only thing I’m excited about.  I wasn’t able to drum up any enthusiasm for any Cosplays to make, any characters I wanted to be, nothing.  Usually the process is something that I enjoy, but for months now I’ve been unable to find my creativity and excitement for creating outfits.  So I packed a couple of old costumes and called it good.  Except that I did finally get an idea last minute (being last week Tuesday or Wednesday) to make a skirt to go with my corset.  So, the weekend was spent working on that a little bit at a time, and I still have some sewing to do on it every night after work this week.  It looks as though I should be able to get it done in time, but we’ll see.  I’ll be sure to post pictures of it!

That’s really all that’s on the list for the week, but it feels very busy.  A lot of prep, both mental and physical.  I was wise enough to take an extra day off next week so that I don’t exhaust myself, and at least I’m already all packed up, so that’s an extra thing I don’t have to worry about.  And with that, it looks like it’s time for me to go start prepping for the week.

I hope everyone has a peaceful day!

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