Move Review: Minions

Beau and I went to go see the Minions movie yesterday.  We’re both fans of Despicable Me, and all of the previews made the Minion movie look pretty funny, so I went in there assuming that I would have lots of laughs and leave with a feeling of warm squishy adorableness.  I was not disappointed!

The only thing that I potentially had an issue with was that listening to their minion language got a little weird for extended periods of time.  In a way, though, it was like watching a foreign film with no subtitles, and they do a great job with art and word-approximation (is that a thing?) that it gave me no trouble in following what was going on.

I’ve always really liked Sandra Bullock, and she was fantastic as the bad guy (bad woman), the music was wonderful–probably because it took place in ’68, and the plot was just an all-around fun time.  It gave the feeling of family, which is always something that I love to see. Of the three main Minions, I think Bob was my favorite.  He was adorable and child-like, and had quite a range of emotions that just sort of tugged at the heart strings.  And it doesn’t hurt at all that they threw in Evil Con (a convention for all of the world’s criminals), complete with Cosplayers and everything! Or maybe it was Villain Con…

Also, an homage to the Beatles.

If you’ve got children and you still haven’t been to see it, I recommend it.  It’s definitely one for the shelves!

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