Move Review: Minions

Beau and I went to go see the Minions movie yesterday.  We’re both fans of Despicable Me, and all of the previews made the Minion movie look pretty funny, so I went in there assuming that I would have lots of laughs and leave with a feeling of warm squishy adorableness.  I was not disappointed!… Continue reading Move Review: Minions

Eating Frogs–Part 2

A few days ago I posted about the book I’m reading, Eat That Frog!  Mostly, I’ve decided I like it because there are always little bits and pieces of these self-help books that you can take with you, but there are times that I catch myself reading it with an extremely skeptical eye.  Actually, maybe… Continue reading Eating Frogs–Part 2


I’ve listened to a few podcasts here and there.  For a while I listed to one of Kevin Smith’s podcasts simply because he’s hilarious and I like things that make me laugh.  I found it difficult to make/find the time for podcasts, though.  The only other podcast I’ve managed to listen to most of is… Continue reading Podcasts!

Eating Frogs

The early morning is the only time I really seem to have any time or energy to write.  That leaves me with just about an hour to get anything out, to feel productive in my daily goal.  Yesterday, instead of immediately sitting down to write, I ended up poking around on other blogs out of… Continue reading Eating Frogs