So It’s a Blog

I’ve had a couple random attempts and blogs before, but this time I’m serious!  (She says, sarcasm dripping from all of her mind-words.)  No really, though, I’m actually quite looking forward to this if for no other reason than to help keep me in the writing mood.

What is this blog about?  Well, in the most conceited sense, I suppose it’s all about me.  What I really intend it to be is just a place where I can reflect publicly about things going on in my life.  That includes events, thoughts, lessons I feel I may have learned or still need to learn, books I’ve read that I’d like to share and/or tear apart, movies I’ve watched to do the same.  It’s my hope that things I share will not only be of benefit to me, but to readers as well.

I should probably take this time to point out that this is strictly going to be an opinion-based blog.  That said, if you don’t agree with something I’ve posted, feel free to discuss it.  Other people’s opinions interest me (especially when they’re not the same as mine), so long as they’re delivered in a way that is mature and kind.  I don’t expect this page will be getting a lot of “foot-traffic”, but let this be fair warning that all people that comment must treat each other with respect, or comments will be deleted.

With the housekeeping out of the way now, what I’d like to talk about today is the struggle I’ve had getting back into my writing.  A couple years out of high school I was writing all the time and very active on forums that I enjoyed visiting where I could post fiction.  It was well-received at the time, and I’m not sure when I lost my drive or my self-esteem, but for the last several years I’ve very much struggled with getting anything out.  There’s always that nagging voice in the back of my head as I write my words telling me that the things I’m getting out are terrible garbage.  It’s not a logical voice, certainly not a kind one, but it’s there all the same.

A good friend was talking with me about this very problem last fall and she recommended a book called The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron.  It’s designed to be a 12-week course on unblocking your creativity.  This sounded like just the thing I needed and so I asked for it for Christmas.  Two weeks ago I began my “therapy”.  So far, I think it’s going rather well.  There are times I’m very skeptical and there are times I’m equally hopeful, which as I understand it is all part of the process.  Chances are a lot of my posts may revolve around this book as I get back into the swing of my writing.  I can’t fully recommend it to anyone yet, but I can say that I’ve found it very helpful so far.

What’s so helpful about it?  Well, if I could give anyone something to take away from it in the two weeks I’ve been part of the “program”, it would be to do what she calls the Morning Pages.  The morning pages are essentially like a diary.  In the morning when I wake up, I sit down with my coffee at the kitchen table and write out, by hand, three spiral notebook pages worth of whatever comes to mind.  This is really quite literal.  Sometimes I struggle and can think of nothing and so those are the words that fly across the page.  Sometimes I feel like I hate it and so those words come out, too.  But for all the whining and garbage that comes out on those pages, I’ve found that it makes my head more clear as I go into work for the day.  As someone who lives constantly in her own head, I can say that it definitely helps to get out anything that’s going on in that wild space I call a mind before the day really begins.  It is my hope that, with the morning pages part of my daily life, these blog posts won’t just be a regurgitation of nothing but whiny feelings and insecurities, but rather a place of reflection where growth can happen and perhaps a sense of community developed for anyone sharing the things I might be going through.

I confess, I’m nervous about putting myself out there.  I’m not used to writing in my own voice in a way that is meant to be shared with others.  But I also feel it’s a disservice to myself and to anyone else that could potentially benefit if I do not bother to share what’s on my mind.  So, with that said, I humbly welcome you, Reader and hope that whatever things happen to catch my fancy are either interesting, entertaining, or inspiring to you.  Thank you for joining me on my journey.

Note: I have a major problem with commas, so don’t be surprised if there are too many (or not nearly enough).  🙂 

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