Book Review: Everyday Sexism, by Laura Bates

When I picked this book off the shelf I knew it was going to be the most important read of the year for me, and I wasn’t disappointed. My thoughts below are what came out of reading Everyday Sexism, and the only thing I would have to say that would be anything close to ‘bad’… Continue reading Book Review: Everyday Sexism, by Laura Bates

Movie Review – Beauty and the Beast

I was finally able to get myself to see the live action rendition of Beauty and the Beast a couple weekends ago. I’m not even sure where to begin with my review. First, I got to see it with two good work friends, which made it a very enjoyable experience all its own. As I… Continue reading Movie Review – Beauty and the Beast

Mob Mentality

I’ve been listening to a lot of Disney music lately because it generally makes me happy and produces that feel-good fuzzy feeling, and Lord knows in today’s climate some warm fuzzies are much-needed.  The Beauty and the Beast soundtrack comes up often (because it’s awesome), but one song in particular is resonating with me lately: … Continue reading Mob Mentality

Salute to a Soldier

There are a lot of opinions about the military.  Hate them, love them, respect them. Why put so much money into them? Why are we fighting battles that aren’t ours? Why aren’t we doing more to aid countries that need assistance?  My own opinions have always been a little indifferent.  All my thoughts surrounding the… Continue reading Salute to a Soldier

Pagan Book Study – Part 1

In my quest to learn more and start anew, I’m reading through the book Paganism: An Introduction to Earth-Centered Religions by Joyce & River Higginbotham.  There are several areas in the book that contain exercises and questions for reflection, so I thought since I’m already writing these things out I might as well include my process here on… Continue reading Pagan Book Study – Part 1